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June Huber

Text Box:     Two-Layer Right Angle Weave

Level: Intermediate

Pattern Price: $8.00

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Pattern Information
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Build a base in a modified right angle weave, then add a second embellishment layer for a rich, supple bracelet. The double layer technique gives a luxurious dimensional look that is more stable than single layer right angle weave, yet still flexible. Sparkling crystals on the embellishment layer add to the rich look.

Full color step-by-step instructions are provided for the design pictured above along with a few suggestions for variations.

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Clipart Leaf

How difficult is it?

Some bead weaving experience is needed for this design. You should be comfortable with using small Japanese seed beads, and should be able to maintain a consistent tension with needle and beading thread. This is basically an embellished right angle weave technique.





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