Coiled Basket Workshop


Level: All Levels

Class Length: One Day


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Spend the day exploring this versatile form of basket weaving. Using common materials like knitting yarn and clothesline, you can create simple or complex basket shapes.

During the workshop, we will practice starting, ending, switching yarns, and basic coiling techniques.

Students will also see many examples of different embellishment techniques to create unique and different results.

Samples shown above are all worked with space-dyed knitting yarns. These yarns have very long color segments so that one skein of yarn only goes once through its range of colors to provide a gradual shift as the basket is formed.

In class, you will also see examples using other types of yarn to produce different effects.


Juniper Creek Designs

June Huber

Clipart Leaf

 Juniper Creek Designs


 Houston, Texas

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How difficult is it?

This class is designed for anyone from beginners to experienced fiber artists. It involves using knitting yarn and large tapestry needles. Some experience at hand crafts is helpful. The best results depend on your ability to get an even, consistent tension on the yarn and wrap the yarn evenly around the rope core.





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