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Tired of keeping your peyote stitch flat? Take it to the next level with this challenging three-dimensional pendant. Modular units are worked separately and zipped together. A fully finished back completes the look and helps maintain the shape and depth of the piece.


Juniper Creek Designs

June Huber

Clipart Leaf

How difficult is it?

Some bead weaving experience is needed for this design. You should be comfortable with using Japanese cylinder beads (e.g. Delicas) and should be able to maintain a consistent tension with needle and beading thread. Peyote Stitch experience is also needed.





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Level: Advanced

Pattern Price: $12.00

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Pattern Information

    Green/Bronze                   Metallic                 Peach/Copper             Silver/Blue


Examples of Pendant done in different color options

 Juniper Creek Designs


 Houston, Texas

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