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Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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You won't be able to stop with just one of these wonderful three-dimensional stars. Learn to make a variety of sizes with this surprising technique that involves no decreases!

Full color step-by-step instructions are provided. The instructions also include blank reproducible charts for designing your own stars.

Tips on creating stars in different sizes are given, along with a photo of stars in several different sizes.

Peyote Star


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Clipart Leaf

How difficult is it?

Some bead weaving experience is needed for this design. You should be comfortable with using Japanese cylinder beads (e.g. Delicas), and should be able to maintain a consistent tension with needle and beading thread. Experience with Peyote stitch is very helpful. This design is a three-dimensional shape which some find relatively easy and others find challenging.

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Peyote Star Supplemental Patterns

The Peyote Star Collection also includes, the following supplemental  (note: each design builds off the techniques described in the basic Peyote Star Pattern).

Peyote Star

This fun piece is named Bucky Star in honor of Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome; You will need the Peyote Star instructions plus the Bucky Star Supplemental instructions to work this design.

Bucky Star

Provides various alternative color patterns for the basic Peyote Star design. You will need the Peyote Star instructions plus the Peyote Star Patterns Supplement to work these designs.

Peyote Star Patterns





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