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June Huber

Text Box:     Graduated Spiral Rope Necklace

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Pattern Price: $8.00

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Pattern Information
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Start with a basic spiral rope stitch using small Japanese seed beads in several sizes. Then make a gradual transition to a more elaborate spiral rope variation to create a sparkling center section.

Detailed step-by-step instructions include color photos and suggestions for variations. This stitch has many uses—bracelets, straps, cords, etc.—and is quite easy to learn.

Graduated Spiral Rope Necklace


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 Juniper Creek Designs


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How difficult is it?

No bead weaving experience is needed for this design, although it may be helpful. You should be comfortable with using small seed beads (Japanese size 15º) and should be able to maintain a consistent tension with needle and beading thread. This would be a good second or third project for a beginner.





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