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Level: All Levels

Class Length: One Day


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This class starts with basic spiral rope, then goes on to cover some of the many variations that can be achieved. In class, you will make short sample pieces about one inch long that can be attached to notebook pages for use as a reference.

Students will leave class with the ability to create a wide variety of different spiral ropes and knowledge of how to finish them as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. You'll be amazed at what this simple stitch can do!

Full color step-by-step instructions are provided for all of the spiral rope variations pictured above. Additional inspiration pieces will be shown and discussed in class.


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Juniper Creek Designs

June Huber

Juniper Creek Designs

Houston, Texas

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How difficult is it?

No previous bead weaving experience is needed for this class. Many of the variations use small seed beads (Japanese size 15) and students should be able to thread a beading needle. The simplest variations are appropriate for beginners, and the instructions cover variations from simple to complex. There is something for beaders of any experience level!





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